Denver Halloween Costume Contest 2016

Coloween 2016 features a $1500 Halloween Costume Contest!

Hosted by the one-and-only Playboy Playmate Tiffany Toth of Blackheart Rum

Coloween 2016 Costume Contest Details

For the past eight years, Coloween guests have been invited to participate in one of Denver’s biggest Halloween costume contests. Hosted by the one-and-only Playboy Playmate Tiffany Toth, this year’s Coloween 2016 will feature a $1500 Halloween Costume Contest! While some of the best Halloween costumes are last minute masterpieces, planning ahead is strongly encouraged, the Coloween Costume Contest competition is known to get quite fierce. Coloween 2016 at The Curtis Hotel is the best place to be in Downtown Denver for Halloween. Check out some of the past years’ winners, and learn more about contest rules and registration instructions, below.

Past Costume Contest Winners & Runner-ups

Rules & Instructions

Celebrating Halloween in Downtown Denver wouldn’t be complete without a proper costume contest. Registration for the Coloween costume contest is available on-site at The Curtis Hotel until 11:00pm on Saturday, October 29th. Contest entries are judged on costume creativity, difficulty and authenticity.

Any guest attending Coloween 2016 may enter into the Halloween costume contest.

Registration begins promptly when doors open, so if you’re planning on hopping around Downtown Denver for Halloween, make sure you arrive at The Curtis Hotel with enough time to enter the Coloween Costume Contest.

After entering the venue, contestants must visit the contest registration table located on the 2nd floor and fill out the required form. Contestants’ photos will be taken at time of registration.

Finalists will be chosen at 11:00pm and informed via text message.

Finalists must meet back at the contest table on the 2nd floor by 11:15 in order to participate in the final selection. NOTE: If you have not received a text message by 11:15, then you were not selected as a finalist.

Once all of the finalists have checked in, contestants will be escorted on to the main stage.

One-by-one each finalists will take center stage while the crowd is asked to “cheer” for their favorite costume. Finalists receiving the loudest response from the crowd will move on to the next round. Three of the seven finalists will be selected to remain on stage for the final round.

After the crowd cheers for the top-three finalists, the contestant receiving the loudest response will be the final winner, the $1500 Halloween costume contest grand prize winner will be announced and awarded.

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